Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Caption Needed

Becky and I did a little goat maintenance the other afternoon.

Catching them can be the hardest part.

Caption needed.....

We wormed them.
We trimmed their feet.
We laughed ourselves silly....


  1. Love to stop by and hear about the daily happenings at Bee Haven Acres. Love the first picture of the goat on top of the house.

  2. Okay, I know why they are hard to catch. I mean, who wants their toes trimmed? The 1st photo is hilarious!

  3. That is too funny! How about, who's in the dog house now? Smirk, smirk!!

  4. Oh Bev,'
    I think that first pix should go up in the bannerwith th eother "Tales"! Priceless picture too of you holding the goat.while being clipped . It looked like he had a hold on you . I bet you both did have a giggle..
    Keep warm. Cheryl

  5. Bet your goat was sooooooo tempted to kick someone in the pants!! Very funny photos!

  6. What an adorable post! Loved the pictures.

  7. I hope they had as much fun as you did

  8. hahaha! I didn't know Becky was "in the market for a new home"...lol!
    I know what you mean by laughing yourselves silly....Meri's goats are the most entertaining kids....and each has to out do the other....lol!


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