Thursday, December 3, 2009

Rainy Silliness

Yesterday afternoon I ran to town to do some Christmas shopping. I left the Littles in the front pasture for the afternoon, as the weather was cold and cloudy. Sometime while I was in town, however, it started to rain. This is what I came home to......
"Hey Mom, could you please bring us in....
it's cold and rainy out here and we are soaked to the bone!!"
I opened the gate and they both eagerly ran into the barn and into their warm (relatively), dry stall where dinner was waiting. I thought it a good idea to towel dry a bit of the rain off of them, but Ollie was not having anything to do with that. A couple of quick kicks let me know he was ok with being wet. Red, however, was compliant. Just as their own mother would have, I reprimanded Ollie with a smack on the butt and a stern "No kicking!".....only to have him wallop me again right on my left ring finger (breaking a blood vessel and causing it to immediately swell up.)

Conclusion: I think I have decided that come Spring, it will be time to geld little Mr. Ollie. Perhaps testosterone in such a small guy is not the best least not in his case. I call it his bad "Ollitude"! Red, on the other hand, remains the sweetest and gentlest little fellow.... behavior that will be rewarded with allowing him to keep his manhood. (Pay attention Ollie....there's still time to straighten up!)

By the way....I love cold, winter weather. I love snow. I can tolerate ice. I don't even mind frigid winds. But, I cannot stand cold rainy days!!! To me there is just nothing worse. So, bring on the snow......I'm ready!!


  1. I agree with the Littles and you there is nothing worse than a cold, damp, raining day. It rained hard here last night but today is finally sunny and warmer (high 50s). My hubby spent yesterday loading our old, ancient John Deere lawn tractor on our truck. He is taking it to a junk yard today - it's bitter sweet - we've had that tractor 30 + years. Well, at least we have more room in our shed now.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  2. Ah, the weather....I love it does my dog..the wetter the better (for her)...My biggest dislike is the wind....

  3. Aw, love that first picture! Yeah, cold and wet is the worst. Though, we've frozen solid overnight the last two nights and it's mighty, um, brisk going out for the morning feedings. And I've only got cold running water up at the barn and hauling water is NOT going to be any fun. I'll get used to it, I know, but those first days of true winter temps always kick my butt!

  4. ohhh what a such distinct different personalities. Know which I would prefer, perhaps if you had offered Ollie a warm bath, glass of red wine, a great book to read sitting by the fire he may have been more to his liking. lol


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