Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Poem from a Blog Friend

In response to yesterday's post with a picture of Ella Bella sitting under the red glow of her heat lamp, a reader wrote this poem. She posted it HERE on her blog. I have copied it and pasted it here for your reading pleasure. Ella Bella was quite happy to be immortalized thusly:


I'm Ella Bella with my Infra-Red!
It's a lovely warmth that streams from overhead.
The People bought it for me
To prove that they adore me,
And it's here I like to make my cosy bed.
The cows are blowing clouds of winter steam;
And the horses are continuing the theme.
The dogs are wearing coats
Which reach from tails to throats,
And I just sit here pleasantly and dream.
I'm sometimes asked to share this special lamp,
If the night is really miserably damp,
But I feel it's not fair!
Royalty doesn't share!
And shifting-up a bit gives me the cramp!
The People are rugged-up from head to toe.
There are icicles wherever they may go!
All that's for Him and Her;
I just bide my time and purr,
Even though we find we're inches deep in snow!
Some creatures try to get above their station;
Pet dogs are just a poor cheap imitation.
So things like Infra-Red
Are just for the well-bred.
After all, we cats are Lords of all Creation!

Written by Brenda Bryant of Australia. You can view her blog here.

Thanks Brenda....love your Rinkly Rimes!
Stop by her blog and read some of her lovely poetry.


  1. That is so sweet! You are so good to your animals.

  2. What a lovely poem for Bella Ella!

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  3. how thoughtful ..and talented..I wonder if Ella Bella knows how lucky she is


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