Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Ordinarily when two beings are as close as my Littles are, I would say they are joined at the hip. However, in the case of Red and Ollie...they are most often joined at the lips!
These two adore each other and spend a good deal of the day playing. They nibble at each other's faces and chase each other for hours on end (that is when they aren't eating!)
I try to let these little guys out in the dry lot for a portion of the day so that they can take a break from eating. To quote Becky: "Mini's get fat breathing air!". I try hard to never over-feed these wee horses. Once the weather turns a bit colder, they will have hay available all of the time, but for now a wee bit of a "diet" is being followed. But even with that you can see that Red still sports a rather wide belly. Ollie, on the other hand, seems to stay a little slimmer....he is just smaller all over. So with nothing to eat, they turn to torturing each other to pass the time.

So cute....if you could watch these two for just a few moments, you would surely fall in love with them. I have, that's for sure!
Oh, and by the way...Bobby loves the Littles....especially Red. He follows me into the pasture each afternoon to bring the Littles in for supper. Most days Red hangs on to the end of Bobby's tail and follows him in. Once again, those inter-species relationships just amaze me!


  1. Good Morning Bev,
    Another question for you - "What's the difference between "minis" and "ponys"? The Littles look like they would be friendly to animals and people.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  2. What sweet pictures. Did you wake up this morning to lots of snow? Storm started during the nite here so the snow is coming down hard. Just don't like the high winds. The little ones of ours sure have loved the snow so far. Looking forward to getting pictures of them when we get several more inches.
    They make my days..they always come up with some game out in the pasture.

    Judi B.

  3. That's so cute! Your minis are just adorable, no wonder you fell in love with them. Very sweet pictures...

  4. we should take a lesson from them..took our usual walk this AM.not rain ,nor snow,etc....hard walking (for me)..

  5. OK, I have to tell you,,,if I could talk Gary into it...for sure we would be adding "Littles" to our family...but first we need to finish getting in the fencing & stahls in & around the property for Summer 2010 horsey home....
    keep your fingers crossed for us.

  6. We once had a cat that LOVED our dog. The dog seemed a bit annoyed by this arrangement, but the cat would not be stopped. The cat would follow the dog around the house. He would wait patiently for the dog to find a spot to lay down. He would snuggle up; the dog would move. Cat would snuggle a bit more; dog would move. Finally, the dog would just stop trying to avoid it and stay put, eventually nuzzling into the cat. Both would then fall asleep. It is amazing who decide to be friends isn't it.

  7. Every time I see a story about Rod it just makes me smile. The name seems to suit him to a tee!!


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