Monday, December 7, 2009

Cat Tales....Olympic Training Camp

Yes, it's Olympic training time here at the farm. This year TomTom has decided to try out for the Olympic diving team! I know this because I caught him practicing. Unfortunately, I can only share the "after" picture with you. The action happened so fast...and my camera was not in focus at the time.

I spent a good deal of Saturday morning working on my dry lot....the area where the horses
hang out during the daytime, when they are not out in the pasture. I spread some new sawdust in a large area in front of the run-in shed. As I was walking back up to the barn, I noticed an orange kitty butt and tail sticking out of the top of the horse trough. Realizing that TomTom was hanging onto the edge, upside-down, getting a drink, I grabbed my camera to get a shot. As my hand dug into my pocket, I suddenly heard a loud splash and instantaneously saw TomTom shoot out of the water tub....soaked to the skin. I suppose that during his long drink, he lost his balance and did a swan dive right into the tub. Cats have amazing super powers when they are suddenly thrust into a body of water. They can fly.....they can even walk on water. I know this, because I have witnessed this more than once. As for TomTom....he has perfected the swan dive. he just has to figure out a way to do it without getting wet.

His leap from the clutches of the horse water landed him on the other side of the dry lot fence onto the top of the rain barrels. Here he violently shook each of his four legs...if I hadn't witnessed the whole escapade, I would have thought he was having seizures.
He spent the better part of the morning towel drying himself with his little kitty tongue.
Meanwhile, EllaBella and Bobby were on the sidelines holding up their score cards. They each gave him an "8" for Degree of Difficulty and a "5" for technique. Olympic training is hard work. Looks like TomTom has a long road ahead of him.


  1. What would we do without our pets to entertain us. What a boring life it would be.
    Great story...poor


  2. Brrrrr!!! Cool kittie..they are amazing when they realize that they have suddenly fallen in to a "body of water"....Too funny

  3. I bet getting wet won't stop TomTom from drinking there! Cute story - thanks for sharing.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  4. Oh that is toooo funny! Poor TomTom....and yet I laugh! You are right...kats can walk on water, fly & do a number of other antics....when given the right situation! lol!
    As for Smoochie...poor baby! and Audrey, oh she is just tooo cute!
    No snow here yet,,,just single didgit temp...brrrr! I may have to put on a 2nd pr of LongJohns under my clothing! lol!
    hugz & stay warm.

  5. Such a cute story - Olympic training - I had to laugh! Cats are fun to watch anytime. We had one that loved to paw and drink from the kitchen faucet if you'd just leave it with a tiny drip. I just wrote a piece about Olympic training on my blog - Buddy, The Wonder Dog. Take a look if you have a chance LOL


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