Thursday, December 31, 2009

Addendum to Today's Post

We awoke to another snowfall this morning;
and the snow has continued since then.
I love the way the farm looks when it snows....

The guest cottage looks like it belongs along a ski slope.
Snow is Sadie's favorite weather.
At noon I was out bringing the "Bigs" in from pasture
and putting the "Littles" out.
The horses become very playful when it snows...just like kids.
The littles race around the pasture....running and rearing and playing "piggy back"

(I think the testosterone is starting to kick in).
The barn kitties love to play in the snow....
except Ella,
who prefers to stay in the warmth of her warming hut
on the comfort of her own sheepskin.

(spoiled cat)
Rod Stewart has opted to stay in the hayloft today.
Methuselah, our lone duck happily paddles around
by the snow ducks.....
decoys (another story).

He ventures out of the pond for a little fresh feed,
then back in for a swim.
We keep aerators in the bottom of the pond
so that the pond doesn't freeze.

(I know....spoiled duck!)
What we don't do for our animal friends!


  1. I have so enjoyed visiting your farm and seeing all the animals. Farm life is really the best! At least to this country girl who no longer lives on a farm. Hubby and I visited Lancaster County this summer which I think is not far from you. It is beautiful country!!! Don't know so much about that snow though; being a southern girl, it really scares me. We get a few flakes here in central Alabama from time to time and when we do everything comes to a halt! Thanks for sharing your sweet life with us and have a wonderful new year!!!

  2. The animals seem to love the snow. They really play and have fun. Hope you all have a Happy New Year.

  3. Can I be one of your animals???? I could live quite comfortably in the barn and you could come visit me twice a day as well...They have it made...Mollie loves the snow too..When she has a choice of walking on pavement or snow , she'll always opt for snow...of course I did this AM because the sidewalks were very icey...Happy New Year

  4. Happy New Year Beverly & Family, We too have spoiled ducks. A total of four, but they don't leave the chicken coop/workshop. Warm water, corn, spinach and oil heat!! Maike it the Duck Hilton.

  5. I have so enjoyed your blog and getting to see all of your animals! I love the way you spoil them!

    Rod Stewart is just too cool!

  6. Hello Bev,

    Ella's warming hut is very inviting. :0)...and the duck...well, every duck needs their very own pond that will not freeze! :0)

    I enjoyed the photos of the Bigs and the Littles..that Moonbeam is a real beauty. (I think that's Moonbeam??)

    The guest house LOOKS like a ski slope..hehe and the cabin is absolutely the way a cabin should look!!! Just so beautiful...

    You know I feed all of my wild life around here. I have three decorative birdhouses hanging off my back porch. I recently discovered that the chipmunks that visit the porch for nuts and seeds are taking it back to their *chipmunk/bird house* I was hoping someone would take up residence and the houses seem to be perfect for them...they are too cute!


  7. I just love looking at your beautiful photos and reading your blog. Yes.....what we won't do for our animal friends!


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