Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Addendum to Today's Post

Here is what greeted me this morning as I went out for morning chores....another three inches of snow fell during the night. Unfortunately the snow turned to rain, making this morning's chores a bit soggy.
I opened the barn and chased Rod out of his night time stall. He took one look at the snow on the ground and ran right back into the barn and into his stall. I headed out to open the chicken houses....but none of the hens would come out. Even the guineas are staying indoors today. Here are Star and Stella....happily munching away in the comfort of their warm, dry houses. It seems that I am the only one crazy enough to go out in this mess today. Now, to get out of these soaking wet clothes and into a hot shower.

It looks lovely outside. However, it is wet and cold. I think I will take a hint from the animals and stay in the shelter of the house today!

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Katmom said...

I soooooo agree with you...
It's a whopping 15 degrees here in my neck of the woods....or shouold I say,!
I think you are on to something...stay inside,,,,stay warm & play in your "Creativity" room....


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