Friday, November 6, 2009

Sleep Tight, Strawberries

Temperatures are dropping. Nightly lows are consistently in the low 30's. It is time to put the strawberries to bed for the winter....snugly tucked in beneath a blanket of straw. I have read that strawberries can tolerate frost, but when temperatures dip into the 20's, they need a bit of insulation. I set out to do this task earlier this week. As usual, I had lots of help.
Tom Tom, in his typical fashion was in the midst of the action.
Sadie scowled and reminded him not to play with sharp objects.
Is there anything more fun than wrestling with a bunch of twine?
Of course.....wrestling with your brother!!
Eight bales of straw later, all of the plants were safely tucked away. Amazingly, some still have blossoms. You've gotta love those ever-bearing strawberries...they produce for months and months.
Five or so months from now, I will remove this straw, do a spring weeding and transplant this year's runners.....ensuring the health of the strawberry patch for yet another year.

We love our strawberries. Most become "low sugar" preserves that we add to our homemade yogurt....yummy!


  1. Have you ever tried to grow strawberries in a strawberry tower? I'm thinking about doing that next year, wondering if it's a good idea?

  2. We are covering ours too. Can't wait until they are growing again next year.


  3. typical Sadie..I had to laugh...Going to be a beautiful weekend (in the 60's)..It's bound to get cold one of these days

  4. Do you sell strawberry perserves? Was wondering about eggs also. It must be wonderful to have all that fresh food at your finger tips!

  5. I wish we could sell our jams...we make the yummiest blueberry/lime and blackberry jams with our berries, but you must make them in a certified kitchen....which costs about 40,000 to build....we checked into it. So, all the jams and jelly that I produce in our lovely new kitchen can only be consumed by us....or gifted. I have heard that we can send it out for a "donation", just not for sale. Anyone care to donate next summer???? We do, however, sell our eggs. And yes...being almost self-sufficient is wonderful....but a lot of work.


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