Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's a Mystery

A couple of days ago, while I was feeding my youngest flock of chickens,
I heard a familiar sound from inside their henhouse.
It was the sound of a young rooster, trying out his cock-a-doodle.
Now, I was quite shocked to hear this sound from this particular bunch of chickens.
I had been quite sure that they were all females.
That was, afterall, what I had ordered.
I realize that with each order, they ship two extra chickens that are surprise chickens
and in this particular order,
I had thought that my surprises were the two Transylvanian Naked Neck chickens.
It seems, however, that there is a third surprise somewhere amidst my flock.
Yesterday I decided to solve this mystery and sat down inside the chicken yard. I summoned my best "cock-a-doodle-do" as an invitation for mimicry....but no sound met my call. I tried over and over.....silence. No one was talking. I asked Babs if she knew who the rooster was...
but, she wasn't talking.
Is it you?
How about you two?
Does anyone know who it is?
I suspect that this might be the fellow. His comb is much redder and larger than any of the others. I also caught him doing a little rooster-type posturing out in the chicken yard. Time will tell. It is hard to disguise a rooster once he's mature.


  1. I have the same situation going on here! I bought all 'hens', but I'm afraid a 'henry' has snuck in somewhere. I thought I heard a primal crow the other day, but I'm not sure who it is! I'm becoming obsessed with knowing too, just like you. Time will tell for sure.

    Those naked neck chickens are just wrong on so many levels.....lol. Only a face a mother could love.

  2. I just had the same thing happen.. I thought I had all females and the other morning I heard a really wierd sound, it sounded as if he/she was breaking his neck. I had to laugh! I sat down witing to find mine but with no luck.

  3. This is exactly how we found out that Ladyhawk was Hawk. LOL. I love the naked necks but think they would be too cold here. Good luck on your hunt.

  4. Those naked neck chickens just look so wrong. Makes you want to knit them a scarf...

  5. I am having a rooster problem too. I have 4 roosters that all want to crow at the same time. My brother who lives next door, thought someone was being murdered in the night. They haven't got the crowing down yet.
    He does look like a rooster though.

  6. get your knitting needles out..those naked neck chickens will need some warmth and it would be good to hide their necks as well..not very pretty, I'm afraid..so now you're sitting in the hen house talking to the chickens..scarey!!!


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