Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's Bear Season

This week marked the beginning of black bear hunting season. No, the bears are not hunting. I tried to explain this to Becky's horses, but they were not convinced. They were sure that they had seen a bear....and if this is the first day of bear season, they were also sure that this bear was hunting! All eyes were riveted to that large black, lumbering form in the goat pen. "Hey goats.....BEWARE......DANGER!!!!!!" they snorted.Chip showed no concern and kept eating his dinner. "Well," he said, "That's a mighty funny looking bear with that long tale!"
Even the chickens weren't alarmed. After all, they had all seen this four legged, black, drooling creature before...and it had never caused them any harm.
This is Maddie, my Newfie and my friend. She loves to help with chores, but most days napping takes precedence. This day, however, being the first day of bear season, she decided to see what all the fuss was about. I kept her by my side all roaming in the woods during hunting season. Our woods are all posted, but you just never know....and we don't take chances with our Maddie!


  1. What a big, beautiful doggie! Maddie looks very huggable. Is she an outside dog or does she get to live inside with the family? Many years ago we had a German Shepherd, Dusty, who we lost to bone cancer at age 7. Dusty had 2 coats of fur and because he was a house dog he shed fur all year. We had fur everywhere. But when you love them you put up with the fur. I know that my BIL is probably hunting in PA (western PA). Hunters do go onto land that is posted so be careful.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  2. She looks so cute and cuddley. My son loves her pictures. He's a total animal lover.



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