Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Growing, Growing, Growing...

Happily, those lettuce and spinach seeds that I planted last Wednesday have germinated and are growing like weeds (oh I hope there are no weeds in my indoor beds....I just couldn't take that after this past summer!) The lettuce germinated in 2 days....I am sure due to the heat mats.
(lettuce at 3 days)

The spinach took 4 days.
Oh, I can hardly wait for some home grown salad!! I will start a few more flats as soon as these have a strong foothold.
(lettuce at 5 days)


  1. wow..I can taste that salad now.Yum

  2. How great to be able to have fresh grown lettuce and spinach during the winter. I am going to try some in our small greenhouse in some pots.


  3. I see a salad in your future. Great sprouts!


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