Monday, November 2, 2009

The Great Free-Ranging Escapade

Well, Saturday was the big day. Since the fancy chickens are full grown and laying now, we decided to allow them to free range around the farm in the afternoons when they are finished laying. They have complete freedom until roosting time (nightfall) when hopefully they return to their henhouse and snuggle in for the night. Hubbs and I opened their gate and slowly most of them made their way out.
Rod Stewart is a pro now. He has taken to roosting at night on a low branch of a red maple that grows right next to the barn, behind the chicken coop.
Most of the fancies make their way back into their henhouse to roost at night. However a few need to be rounded up and placed back in the house. Hubbs thinks that those top hats impede their vision and make it hard for them to see the door to their house. We'll have to see if they get any better at this with time. It's always something! Hubbs says our farm is one big biology experiment.


  1. Rod Stewart always puts a smile on my face! He's just the cutest thing ever...

  2. There is nothing wrong with a little experimentation. :D Love the new header, by the way.

  3. next we'll be seeing pictures of top hat haircuts!!!Somehow, I don't think chickens are the smartest thing on the farm!!!


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