Monday, November 9, 2009

Goat Herding

This weekend we moved our bucks into one of the big serve as their winter home. Imagine this scene: It is 24 degrees out, 7 AM. Becky, Jack and I meet at the goat pens that are situated between our two properties. The smell of stinky bucks hangs in the air...even in the cold. Becky opens the gate to the bucks pen and lures them out with the ever tasty Ritz crackers. Jack's job is to stand at the high end of the goat pens with pine branches in each hand to act as arm extenders (making him look truly scarey and a deterrent to goats who think they might run in the wrong direction. My job, as usual, is that of camera crew. With very little difficulty (except for the fact that Chip took off and ran laps around the fenced in area with Jack chasing behind) the boys were herded to their new home. Almost made me want to yodel!!
Earlier this week, Becky and I led the does and the wethers up to the goat yards on her property. This will be their winter home (the delivery room and nursery are they will winter there in preparation for spring kidding season). The bucks will winter in a larger pasture that has a large run-in shed for shelter.
Once the bucks were introduced to their new home, we led MoJo (this summer's buckling acquisition....our newest little stud) up to the upper pen with the does and wethers. His job over the next couple of weeks will be to mate with O'Malley and Sissy. You can see that he was a little reluctant to leave his buddies. But, once he reached the does, he quickly forgot what he had left behind.... and started to reacquaint himself with the girls and guys.

He and Forest did a little dominance posturing. It didn't take long for MoJo to discover the girls on the other side of the fence.Now we will see if he can figure out the rest of his job. After a day of courting through the fence, MoJo joined Sissy and O'Malley in the same pen. Forest is with run interference. Let's hope MoJo finds his MOJO!!!!


  1. Brrr, looks like it's already quite cold in your area. We've had a gorgeous day here yesterday but we are expecting rain again. Enjoy it while it lasts, right?

  2. sounds as the the move went pretty smoothly..What!! No pictures of hubs and his exercise in goat chasing???

  3. Beverly,Wow it sounds cold your way.It was in the 70's in WV this weekend.Your goats are adorable.Are these the bigger kind?Do you still have the fainting ones also?I posted pics of our pygmy goats this morning too.They look much smaller, both are girls.The farmer that owned them before said they wouldn't get any bigger.
    Ours LOVE Ritz crackers too.I had to laugh when youposted you lure yours with them.
    Ours are like babys.LOL They do anything and go anywhere my boys go.They even answer my son when he talks to them.Hugs,Jen

  4. I am sure that MoJo will be the mack daddy before too long! He is a doll.

    It's been in the 60s here since yesterday, but cold at night.

    Had so much fun seeing you all this weekend. Thanks! XXOO

  5. I find your farm life so interesting. I certainly would have a farm if I could. I love animals and all that goes with it. I have a strawberry patch, too. Mine are everbearing, also. I don't cover mine and I haven't had any problems so far. I'm Zone 5I've had them 3 yrs now. I make preserves with them, too. I love it!

  6. Im amazed at how ready the bucks are at such a young age. You have some beautiful bucks.


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