Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Back to Farm Life

It didn't take long to get back into the groove of farm life and farm work. It felt so good to get up early and hit the ground running as usual. The sunrise was spectacular....red and glowing....a prelude to a seasonably warm and sunny day.
For the past several months I have noticed a stray cat running from the barn at different times of the day when I would approach. We have nicknamed this kitty "Boots" because of his/her
white legs. Apparently, when we are not around the barn, Boots visits the other cats and helps himself to their dry cat food. Yesterday morning he became a bit more brazen and stopped near the barn to lie in the warm sun for a while.
He is quite a lovely cat....and I am hoping that someday he will come to trust us enough to let us get close to him.

Yesterday was a big day for our flock of guineas. They finally ventured away from the goat pens. Actually, they left the farm altogether....Becky spotted them way down the road (in the middle of the road, of course). That is, all but two of them.....because the two remaining guineas had gotten themselves trapped in the chicken yard.
I watched as they ran around the chicken yard, sounding their cries of alarm, until finally one figured out how to fly out of the wire mesh on the roof.
Eventually, the second one joined him. It's so hard for a couple of guineas to function alone....when most of their shared "half a brain" is a mile down the road.
Happily, I can report that all guineas returned to their own yard by supper time.


  1. Good Morning Beverly!
    I sure do enjoy your posts! Your farm is lovely and your animals are a hoot. As a subdivision gal I have a question for you - is a guinea a breed of chicken?

    If you have a chance from your busy schedule check out my brand new blog. It's not where I want it yet - the standard blogger templates are pretty poor - and I hope to dress it up more once I learn how to do it.

    Have a nice day - it's sunny here in SE PA!

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  2. Sandy I need your blog address so that I can check it out!!! Oh, and guineas are not a breed of chicken. They are a bird from Africa....but yes, you can eat their eggs...just like chickens.

  3. Hi Beverly,
    Thanks for the quick answer. If you click on my "name" in the comment header its in blue font (i.e., "Sandy said") it should take you right to my blog. But just in case here is my blog URL: http://teacuplane-sandy.blogspot.com/

    PS - I think you should keep the visiting cat!

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  4. Good morning, Bev! Glad you got a bit of time away, it is always fun even if you do 'catch up' when you get home.
    I saw wild guineas in Africa when I was there. They have a Helmet Guinea that is really cool looking, I think I might have some pics I can share later. Fun blog.

  5. Oh lucky Boots,,,s/he could not have found a more wonderful home...and as for your G.Hens, they are such a hoot!
    It's windy as all get out over here...and the snow has all but melted...waiting for round two!
    You've experienced Spokane in Summer,,,are ya brave enough to go for the gold & try Winter? lol!
    If we have another horrible winter I am heading your way! Have my room ready! lol!

  6. Boots is a lovely cat..I'm thinking it won't be long before he's part of the family..and won't he be lucky!!!

  7. If I sneak up and lay in the sun by the barn, will you adopt me too? I'll kill a few mice if necessary:)

  8. Cute kitty. He looks like he feels right at home. I think soon he will trust you more. Your farm is so much fun~a lot of work, too, I'm sure.

    Can I ask what do have the guineas for? Is it just for fun or do they have a function. Too funny~they all share half a brain.



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