Friday, October 30, 2009

Crazy Roosters

This story is unedited and told in the words of a very little horse-boy named Ollie. If you've ever had little boys, you will remember that they have their own unique sense of humor.

Hello everybody! My name is Oliver Twist....but everybody calls me Ollie. I am Red's little brother and I am just 4 months old. Last weekend, when Red got to tell you a story, I asked my Mom, "Hey Mom, how comes I don't get to tell stories to the nice people like Red and Sissy do?" And Mom said that next time there was a very special tale to tell, I could tell it. So, here I am today and I am going to tell you a story. ("Pssst, Mom, [whispering] what story am I going to tell???") Oh, yea, I am going to tell you about our crazy roosters. Mom wanted to call this story "Pecking (Dis)Order" but I wanted to call it "Crazy Roosters". Well, since it is my story, I get to name it!Ok, here goes....[deep breath]

It was another rainy morning ("Psssst, Mom, what morning was it?") Oh, yea, it was Thursday. The morning chores were going much like all mornings. We Littles helped Mom clean up the Big's poop (heeheee, I said "poop")...we like to help.
When we were finished, we ate our breakfast and Mom went to the fancy chicken's house to do some clean-up. She keeps all the chicken houses very clean so that the cute little eggs that they lay land in clean bedding and not poopy bedding (heehee, I said "poopy"). ("Sorry, Mom") Anyways, all of a sudden out came Mom and she was carrying Phillip; we call him Rod Stewart. It seems that lately, Rod Stewart has been hiding in the corner of the henhouse trying to avoid that mean old Hank. Rod Stewart is scared of Hank, cause Hank is a bully.
Well, Mom decided that the only way to give Rod Stewart a good life, free from Hank, was to let him run free outside of the fancy's yard. She says that eventually they will all run free during the day....but not quite yet (they just started laying eggs, and she wants them to get used to laying them in their nesting boxes).
At first Rod Stewart seemed a little freaked out. But he soon relaxed and set off to explore the farm. He headed up to the grape arbor....followed by a very curious Tom Tom.
Rod Stewart ran into the dry lot where Red was running and playing and Red chased him. It was so funny, and Mom tried to get a picture but it didn't turn out. Well, Rod Stewart flew out of the dry lot in a hurry. Red didn't mean to scare him, he just wanted to play with his new friend.

He spent the rest of the morning exploring the farm....with Tom Tom close behind....his own personal body guard!
Ok, that's my story. And now Mom says I have to go take a nap. So I will say goodbye. Maybe I can tell you another story again some time ("Can I Mom, can I?")


  1. What a sweet story. Now to see if the new pals hang out together all the time.
    Friends ask..don't you get bored living in the country..if they only

    Judi B.

  2. Sweet, I just love your Rod Stewart. He's the cutest thing EVER!

  3. I'm beginning to worry about you Mrs Doolittle..very cute story

  4. Thank you for the story. It makes me smile. I need that.

  5. Oh I love Rod Stewart, such a befitting name. I do love your stories so much I read them to my DH and he looks at the photos over my shoulder. Thankyou for your wonderful blog, I think I would love your life well only in a romantic kind of way. Two acres is enough for

  6. You put a big smile on my face and it was great to see others enjoyed it too. You are so clever. I can't see how you could get lonely with all this going on!! lol Keep up the stories!

  7. Cute story~Glad to hear that Rod Stewart is now living a better life.



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