Thursday, October 15, 2009

Chicken Tales

You might remember last week's post about "pecking order". I had removed dear Babs from the fancy chicken henhouse because she was being picked on. Babs has made the transition to living with the young pullets quite nicely...and all is calm in that henhouse.
Now, back to the fancy henhouse..... There are still two black and white Polish Crested chickens left in that henhouse (Babs 2 and Babs 3). Now that Babs (1) has moved out, it seems that Babs 2 has taken her place in the pecking order. Being low bird on the totem pole, she is now the new "whipping bird". I noticed that she also spends an inordinate amount of time in the henhouse instead of out in the yard with everyone else.
Then I witnessed what happens when she ventures out. The rest of the flock go after her and peck at her back. I am finding this infuriating, and each time it happens, I have a very stern talk with Mr. Hank, the rooster.
I tell him he has to have better control over his hens and not allow this sort of behavior. Unfortunately, Hank has only one thing on his mind these days. Judging from the mating behaviors that are taking precedence, I would say we are very soon going to have eggs in our henhouse.

Meanwhile, what to do about Babs 2? I suppose if I remove her, then Babs 3 will take her place....and on and on! For now, I will keep a watchful eye. This pecking order behavior has not hit the crescendo that it had with Babs 1.....but, still, I am watching!

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