Friday, October 2, 2009

The Adventures of Bobby the Fearless

Good morning! Sissy goat here to tell you a little Bee Haven Acres Tale. You see, our "Blogger Mom" is busy getting some housecleaning done, so she left the blogging to us today. And since I always try to keep up with what is happening on the farm, I was chosen to tell this tale. My goatie Mom, Myrtle, always tells me to mind my own business, but there is always so much fun around here, I love to be a part of it...there is always something fascinating on the other side of the fence! Today, we witnessed an amazing feat of fearlessness from our newest friend, Bobby. He was so very brave that Queen Ella Bella named him Sir Bobby the Fearless. The morning started out like any other morning here on the farm. After breakfast Bobby summoned up as much courage as he could and ventured out of the barn to explore. First he stopped to talk with the Guineas.But, the guineas just ignored him.His curiousity was peaked because he had just witnessed these strange creatures flying to the ground from way up high in the old pine tree by the barn. Every morning they fly down from their safe roost in that tree....where they sleep at night. "Hmmm," he thought, "maybe I should see what is so interesting about that tree." The old pine tree is one of the largest on our farm. It is over 200 years old and magestically stands by the barn..offering shelter to all who seek the safety of its boughs. It is a great old climbing tree and I have seen several of our human friends do just that!So, Bobby left the guineas and walked over to investigate the big tree. He sat on the ground and looked up, wondering how he could get to the top. He looked around behind him and there were Queen Ella Bella and Sir TomTom the Omnipresent silently watching him, waiting to see what he would do. A couple of quick leaps and he was a quarter of the way up the tree. He spent a bit of time exploring those lower branches. "Oh Bobby, this is very dangerous! You should come down right now!" cried Tom Tom. But Bobby just climbed higher and higher. Now he was half way up the tree.
"Oh my, this is so very scary, Bobby, you really should come down right now!" Tom, Tom reiterated.
Not one to listen, though, Bobby climbed higher still. "TomTom," he cried....."It is beautiful up here! You can see so far. Now I know why the guineas sit up's amazing! You should come see for yourself, TomTom."
"Oh no, Bobby, I can't do that, it's too dangerous. The top of the henhouse is high enough for me! Now, please come down!!!"
So, Bobby carefully made his way back down through the tree. Once he was on the lowest branches he stopped. "TomTom" he said, "I don't think I can get down."
"Just jump!" said Tom Tom. "That's how I get off the henhouse roof. Just jump! Trust me, we always land on our feet!"
And so, Bobby lept to the ground after conquering the old pine tree....leaving Tom Tom and Ella quite amazed and awestruck. And I went back to contentedly grazing with the rest of my friends.

I hope you enjoyed this morning's tale!!
Hugs from the farm,

"Sissy Goat"


  1. Aww, that was so cute. I think Beatrix Potter just smiled in heaven.


  2. what a great story..kept me in suspense because so often they don't come back down that easily..I'm happy that Bobby was so brave..Sissy is a good story teller..nice to have someone or something take over for you on occasion

  3. Thank you Sissy for the story. I love it when the goaties talk and tell tales. You are such a smart girl. How do you type with just your hooves?

  4. Oh Sissy Goat, thanx for the cute "cat tales" from the farm....

  5. Oh sissy thanks so much for sharing your tale with us! I truly enjoyed it! Blessings,Karen

  6. Sissy was your heart pounding as you watched like mine? How suspenseful and exciting to read and watch the unfolding of Bobbies adventure.

    Sissy not only are you a wonderful story teller, your dexterity and photographic skills are incredible...


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