Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We Have Grass

Well, Hubbs has been on vacation this week, so we have been tackling projects like landscaping and tanbark. Today was a day of hard labor, but our labor payed off. The front of the house is looking a bit more complete with some shrubs and a tree. The past 3 weeks of seeding and watering has paid off, too. Finally, we have a decent carpet of green around the house. Pretty amazing transformation, isn't it?

Now we need a bit of rain, so that we can actually relax during this "vacation".


  1. good luck with the rain thing...they keep putting it off to the next day..I think it will be hit and miss..hope you get hit..what kind of trees did you get?? Looks good..Hubs will be glad to go back to work

  2. Pretty green grass! We don't have much of that in these parts. Our grass is weeds trimmed down with the weed wacker. heh

  3. AHHHHHH! Home Sweet Home!!!!!
    Looks great Bev!!!
    No such thing as a real vacation on the farm is there?

  4. Yeah!! Green grass. It looks great.



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