Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Typical Day!

Well, after yesterday's harrowing experiences, I decided that today was a day to go to town and run some errands (ie: get a few hours away from the farm).
So, I jumped out of bed at 5:30, showered and dressed, and headed to the barn as the sun was rising at 6. I put the Bigs out to graze for a while, fed the Littles, fed and watered the chickens and guineas, watered the goats, cleaned the Littles' stall (of course they helped a bit),and mucked the dry lot. All of that was done by 7. At this point, I headed back to the house for a little breakfast. I made myself a couple fried eggs, toast and sat down to read my e-mails. Ahhhhhh.....so far so good. After breakfast, I made a quick trip to the barn to bring the Bigs in and put the Littles out to graze.

Since it was still early, I decided to tackle the job of installing a downspout diverter and the rain barrel that I ordered for use at the house. Mind you, this rain barrel probably weighs 100 pounds and it was in the hayloft of the barn. After wrestling it onto the gator and getting it to the house, I unpacked the pump; only to find that it came in about a dozen pieces. Back to the barn I went to get the appropriate tools and set about to assemble the pump. The only hitch....it will have to rain before I know whether it works or not (let's assume it will work!)

Great! Now it was time to go to town. But no, what was that noise? Oh no, the house generator had kicked on. Something had happened to the electricity. Since today was the day that the paving company was installing some drain pipes beneath our driveway, I could only assume that perhaps they had struck the underground electrical service to the house. I assumed right.The power company was notified, but now knowing how long it would take for the power to be restored, I thought it might be necessary to get the small generator out of the barn and hook up the chicken house warming lights to it to keep my new peeps warm. Back to the barn....to unpack the new generator that Hubbs bought this weekend for just this purpose.Tom Tom was using the generator box as a lounging area to play with his scratching post. "Sorry Tom Tom, but I need that right now." So, I filled the generator with gas and oil and got it set up outside the chicken house. It worked like a charm, and my chicks were cozy warm (it has been a bit cool out these past two days....last night was only 49 degrees).At this point I was not comfortable leaving for town, so I decided to stay until power was restored. I used this time to put together a firewood rack for the front deck. And, I filled it with a couple layers of firewood.Then I assembled some of the upper deck furniture....and sewed a portion of the umbrella that had come apart.Well, eventually the power was restored...but it was too late to head to town. So, I put together a few more chairs and headed out to do the afternoon feeding.

My new motto.......Maybe Tomorrow!!!!!


  1. Incredible how many things you accomplished today. The Energizer bunny has nothing on you...

  2. ...yes, but did you accomplish anything?

    Just kidding, you're a whirlwind! I'm so impressed!


  3. You sure have had a couple of very interesting days, and busy ones too. Hope you get to town and treat yourself. Love your new furniture. Must be very beautiful where you are.

  4. Whew, Im tired and I just read your blog. Im glad power was restored soon.

  5. Oh Wowzers Bev,,,how do you do it? I would need a case of wine to help my 'unwind'....lol!

  6. sounds like it was a very productive day. have a lovely week gal!

  7. Well you saved money and accomplished a heck of a lot of things..motivates me to get going earlier in the mornings.

  8. I need a nap after reading all of that!

  9. you make me tired...couldn't you find just one more thing to do?? I'm surprised you had time to write about it but you probably type fast too...

  10. Oh, my gosh, I was dead on my feet even before you finished the rain barrel! Is this a typical day? Whow...No wonder you are so slim! :D Thanks for the kudos on my dress size.

  11. Oh, I forgot, you must be one strong son of a gun (farmgirl) if you can lift all that heavy stuff! I am totally impressed! lol


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