Friday, September 4, 2009

Turkens....Half Turkey/Half Chicken?

One look at these two chicks might convince you that there is such a thing as a bird that is half chicken and half turkey! Actually for the past week now, I have thought that perhaps these two were miniature ostriches. But, after a little detective work, I found out that they are actually a breed of chicken known as a Turken, or Transylvania Naked Neck Chickens. What fun I will have in naming these two. I would name them now, but am not sure whether they are male or female. These two were freebies that were included in the brown layer assortment that just arrived last week. 32 chicks were sent thru the mail and 32 chicks are still alive and thriving quite well. Of course if one of them is a rooster, his name will be Igor! But, what to name a hen from Transylvania......any suggestions??


  1. I have to say those are a little ugly! lol

  2. The first female names that come to mind are, "Lily and Mortisha". You should have alot of fun naming them.


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