Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tasty Treats

The chickens always seem to be eager to get out of their pen for their daily free-ranging...especially after a rainstorm. And here is the reason....What's this on the ground?
Why, it's a tasty worm. Sorry about the blurry picture...but you get the idea. One slurp, and down goes the worm. These gals had just the best time chasing after the post rainfall worms. Oh, and here is a question for you.....why do worms come out during rainstorms?? Personally, I think it may be to get a shower....what do you think?


Anonymous said...

It is so they don't drown!

Sonja and Chris said...

Yeah, that's what I've heard, too. When it rains, all the air spaces that are normally in the soil fill up with water and there isn't any oxygen. But that's only me trying to remember back to high school don't take me word as scientific fact! Our chickens adore worms too. They had their first rain day yesterday (they're young) and we definitely not pleased with the next weather developments!

Jessica @ Colorado Crafter said...

I've always wondered that about worms too.

Not wanting to drown sounds logical. Thanks Anon person. :D

karen said...

I actually got to feed a chicken yesterday at Amanda place. It pecked so hard I dropped the food! lol Heather took us to the Buggy Barn and my jaw might need to be sewed back on! Abviously, I have never been there and was blown away. Grace, Amanda, Heather and I planned to go fishing at Amanda's but ended up thrifting and fabric shopping! What a fun relaxing day!


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