Friday, September 18, 2009

The Peter Principle

(The theory that employees will advance to their highest level of competency....and then be promoted....ending up totally incompetent). Well, I am not sure if this is actually what is happening but for some reason....this came to mind when I thought about this cat situation.

So......I have promoted both of the "mousing incompetent" barn kitties to Farm Supervisor!

All kidding aside, though, I have to admit that these two are just about the best barn cats you could hope for (mousing abilities overlooked). They are my constant companions and a daily source of comic relief. They are totally comfortable around the horses, pose no threat to the birds and never venture too far from the barn. Why should they, afterall? They have it way too good!

The other evening I took a little time and sat in the middle of the "Little's" stall. Both kitties jumped in the stall with me. And for a short while I had two cats in my lap and a miniature horse snout on each of my shoulders. It was the most perfect few moments I have ever had. Three species just sharing the same space and enjoying the sensations of smell and touch....a truly sensual experience for all. Those times are some of my favorite. It is always so interesting to see these cross-species fear, no aggression, just peaceful co-existence. It is moments like this that make all of the daily chores worthwhile!


  1. Praise God for His wonderful creatures!

  2. Unbelievable! What an incredible experience, and to think you get those almost every day! I love it that you sit and 'be' in those moments.

  3. We are fortunate that our cats are excellent mousers, however they are also excellent at catching birds and bats. We do not feed any birds at home. Now the cats bring home moles and mice, the puppies come out in the morning and make a mad dash around the yard picking up the bodies and eating them as fast as they can. Grosses us out but they are so happy. Ewww...

  4. I soooooo agree!
    oh, and as for 'com-pet-ant' notice the word 'pet' in the middle? perfect! for!

  5. they are so adorable....i want to come clean stalls for you...just a nuzzle from these little cuties and i would probably never leave.


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