Friday, September 4, 2009

A Moment

How many of us go about our tasks each day deep in thought and not truly aware of what is around us? We spend so much time in our own thoughts and not truly engaged in the world. And then at the end of the day, we don't remember much of anything striking about the day. And so another page of the calendar of our life is ripped off....with nothing outstanding. Sound familiar?

Imagine then, (if this is the way you live life from day to day) what will your thoughts be in the last moments of your life? Will you crave more time? Will you feel unfulfilled? Will you have regrets?
The solitude of living on the farm has given me the opportunity to ponder these questions. I have come to the conclusion that I want the rest of my life to be enjoy each and every moment with gratitude for the gift of all that surrounds me in this beautiful world. I want to truly experience life with every part of my being.

This thought crystallized for me last night as I was arriving home from a class that I teach. It was a perfectly clear evening. The sun was down, but the moon was full and provided enough light to make objects on the ground quite visible. Here in the country, when the sun goes down it gets DARK....but not so last night. I could have missed the moon altogether. Or, I could have noticed it and gone in the house....just another full moon like any other. But no, instead, I stood and really looked at that moon...illuminated by the distant sun, highlighting the shadowy contours of its surface. I basked in the silvery stillness around me. When I had drunk in all that I could with my eyes, I focused on my ears. I heard the usual cacophony of crickets in the surrounding woods and the eerie trill of a screech owl in the distance. I felt the cool, moist autumnal air against my bare arms and smelled the damp decay of the first fallen leaves. All of just one moment of time. And that moment became extraordinary...unforgettable.
Our lives are nothing more than a long strand of moments. Each of us has the power to turn each of those moments into a jewel worth treasuring. Imagine, if you will, the end of your life...with your glittery, sparkling strand of moments wrapped around you. You need not have a cent to your name to leave this world as rich as a King!


  1. what beautiful are truly blessed..would have been hard to miss that surely lights up an otherwise dark landscape

  2. Stunningly beautiful! You made tears come to my eyes! Thanks you for reminding me to take in all the moments so I can savor all the 'gems' in my life! You write beautifully! I know just what you mean by the silver shadows, I did notice them coming in the window, now I know how to reach out and touch those feelings.

  3. AMEN!!!!!
    I just read a quote in Somerset Life that I wanted to put on my blog- very similar thought-
    (Ill look it up- ck out the blog later)
    This was a beautiful post!

  4. "Wherever you go, there you are." -Thomas A Kempis.

    Just be...that's always what you and Dad say. And I agree. Thanks for the thoughts. They acted as a truly needed reminder.

    Love you.

  5. What a beautifully written post. It really is a shame that so many of us rush through life without taking the time to enjoy the simple beauty of things around us. People laugh at me when I stare at the waterfront like a tourist visiting for the first time, but I see so much more than a harbor... the emerald hills, sapphire water, and ruby roofs are far to jewel like to ignore.

  6. A few years back our pastor at church was addressing this same thought and he came up with the slogan that we should all "Put a hush in our rush..." Makes so much sense. I try to pay attention to my life most of the time and this is a good reminder. Thanks!

  7. I looked at the same moon that night, it was beautiful.


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