Monday, September 14, 2009


Sunday was the day we were finally allowed to drive on our new macadam. That meant it was time to finally put up the new mailbox and hang the new entrance sign. It looks great to finally have the property spruced up and ready for mail delivery. (Yes, I painted this sign. It matches the one that I painted earlier that hangs at the entrance by the barn.) The mailbox was a birthday present from Hubbs. It is metal and extra large....sure hope it gets lots of activity!


  1. The sign is beautiful. Did you guys make it yourself?

  2. Bev, The mail box and drive looks great.I am very happy for you.Love your Beehive sign too.Hugs,Jen

    Ps, I just Love your log home so much, and it was awesome to be able to watch you build it the past year.Thank you for sharing it

  3. Your home is beautiful. I hope you and your family have a magical lifetime there. Thanks for sharing the experience. The sign is perfect, good job!

  4. Oh the sign! I love it so much! One day...

  5. Great looking mailbox...gr8t hubby for getting it for you...And , you did a wonderful job on the BHF sign.
    As for the driveway, I am soooo green w/driveway envy!!! LOL! I hope in the next year or two we will have ours black topped. But for now, gravel it!

  6. It looks great. I hope your large mailbox is always filled with good things.



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