Monday, September 21, 2009

The Laws of Attraction

Every species has a way of ensuring its attractiveness between male and female. And, for different species it is different qualities. For example, male birds are showy and ofter resort to intricate dances to attract their mate. Humans? Well, we all know there are certain things that men do to make themselves more attractive to women. Perhaps the most creative species of all, though, are goats. Male goats, or Bucks, understand the importance of pheromones, or nature's cologne, and use a liberal dose of it to attract their would-be girlfriends. They spend hours primping and preening until their natural odor is all but irresistible. They use the tried and true technique of urinating on their beards, necks and the backs of their front legs, turning the hair, there, tobacco brown and pungent with a musky rancidity.
Ordinarily, Smoochie's beard and forelock are white. However, with this being mating season, they are stained and stinky. Although the urine stains are less visible in Chip and Skip (since they are both mostly black), the odor is just as pungent.

MoJo, on the other hand is just learning this technique. He has not been very effective in actually hitting his chin, and most of his urine ends up on the ground. Although he may be less attractive to the does, we humans find spending time with him much less distasteful. I am sure, though, with time and a bit of practice, he will be just as attractive as the older bucks. As far as I am concerned, he can take his time.
Kind of glad you're a human, aren't you?


  1. Oh my goodness, I never knew goats did that! Very interesting way to get the ladies attention thats for sure!!

  2. My in laws used to have goats and that's how I knew about that smelly little tidbit. Ever since then I don't pet male goats anymore. :-)

  3. I don't know as Monday is bathroom cleaning day, I am on my knees scrubbing the toilet, around the toilet, the floor and the wall--I sometimes wonder if all males of the species have this trait.


  4. just glad I'm not a goat

  5. Laughing at Lisa's comment. I used to clean office blocks, and let me tell you the female of humankind is far worse than males either human or goat!
    I was fascinated to learn this information. I knew they smelt at times but never realised why. It is so nice to learn new things.:)

    They all look very handsome boys.

  6. Wow - I never knew this about male goats! Your blog is so interesting and I enjoy your humor. I loved your post about sitting with the "littles" and the kitties in the barn stall. We have a resident ground hog that just dug a hole under our screened porch and deck. I think the ground hog has scared our rabbits away because I haven't been seeing them lately in our yard. Now we have to find someone to remove the ground hog and relocate him. We had a beautiful day here in SE PA!

    Teacup Lady (Sandy)

  7. I learn something new on the farm each day! Makes life quite interesting.

  8. I just love goats, they are so hilarious. Your guys are getting so big, they definitely don't look like babies any more.

  9. hahaha!, well, the things we learn.... I am soooo glad I am not a goat! lol!
    Pass the Chennel#5 please.....


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