Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Baby Steps

I have come to the conclusion that guinea fowl are not the sharpest tools in the shed. It seems to take forever for them to learn new behavior. Our 24 keets are now large enough to safely go out into their yard and not be able to escape through the fencing. It's a very big day for them....one I am sure they have been anticipating. I often catch them standing at their door looking longingly at the outside...wishing they could get out and explore. Based on this, I thought as soon as I propped their door open they would scurry towards freedom. Not so.....back up on their roosting ladder for safety they went. Hours later....still no guinea emergence. It took Hubbs going into their coop and chasing them out to get them to leave the house.
And getting them back in the house to roost....well, that took a bit of effort, too. Hopefully, these youngsters will get the hang of it...and come to think of their house as a permanent roosting place. I don't plan to let them out to free range outside their yard until way after they begin laying eggs. Hopefully, they will get the idea to lay in their boxes and not all over the farm! We love guinea eggs to eat, so if all works as planned, we should have a good supply of them. But then, I must remember.....guineas are not the smartest bird (just the handsomest)!


  1. oh yes, they are so adorable, I just love them. my chickens were the same way, would not go out once i opened the run door...it took me tossing popcorn in there. who knew! i hope they turn out to be a great flock for you!

  2. They may be sold as a domestic bird but they lie..LOL What's that saying...You can take the bird out of the wild, but you can't take the wild out of the bird...this is so true with the Guinea..they are meant to be free birds...I do see your problem where you live as it would be where I live...they would become a food sacrifice at sundown every day.

    I'd let them free range in a few YEARs..hehe Then you'll be ready for some fresh layers.

  3. Funny birds!!!! I am still amused with the silliness of wildlife!

  4. Bev,
    so true,,,not the smartest,,,but certainly the cutest! lol!


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