Monday, August 3, 2009

Welcome "Little Red"

After a rather uneventful trip (except for the manure in the back of my Honda Element) home, our new mini horse has settled into life on Bee Haven Acres. He was a bit bewildered upon arrival....everything so new...but, quickly made friends with Oliver Twist.

Oliver did his usual "teeth-chomping" as an act of submission to Little Red, who is 3 months older and a bit bigger than Oliver.

They have moved into the same larger stall together and will soon be inseparable, I suspect.

I must say,however, that I was more nervous than I ever remember being as a new "Mommy". I know that after a few days, this nervous stomach will wear off, and life will become routine for all of us.


  1. Oh, my..I'm beautiful they are. Nervous is a good thing, it means you care!

    I have some rescues at my place.

  2. congratulations on the new arrival..they will be fun together..CAn't believe how much Oliver has filled out...lookin good

  3. Such cute horses. I love them. So great that you could give him a home.


  4. Oh, how cute. Lucky horses to have such a great family to care for them.


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