Saturday, August 15, 2009

Vacation Projects

Hubbs has been home all week on vacation...definitely a treat for Sadie, Maddie and myself. What a luxury to have help with the chores. Not to mention the pleasure of having another human to converse with during the day. Normally my days are spent in the company of animals....most of whom are not the best conversationalists.

Besides having his company, it has been great to have all sorts of special projects done around the farm.
The guinea babies have been treated to the construction and installation of a screen door for their them greater visibility and ventilation for these hot August days.
He also constructed a ladder roost inside their house for use when they are adult sized. This ladder is hung from the top of the side wall with hinges so that it can be lifted up to the ceiling and secured out of the way for housecleaning. Our two dozen guinea babies are now 2 weeks old and have tripled in size.
Hard to believe that such cute chicks will turn into such strange looking creatures.


  1. We are going to steal your idea of the blue drum with the light. What a great way to keep my barn cats warm in the winter. I usually lock them in the tack room at night but the odd one is not there when I am so this would really help. Great idea!!
    Your guines are sure growing up fast.

    Judi B.

  2. Oh Bev,
    where do I begin>???? as always, you "Farm Tales" make me laugh....and as for those wacky chickens w/bad hairdos...crack me up.
    I love seeing Ollies & reds friendsship blossom.
    Oh & could ya send me some Zinnias...mine have not blossomed yet.
    We had rain earilier this week as well as today...great for the gardens but bad for our wheat farmers up here.


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