Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tom Tom, Farm Manager

Each morning, when I arrive at the barn, Tom Tom is waiting for me and leads me into the barn...a reminder that hungry kitties are waiting. He quickly gulps down his breakfast (spoiled barn kitties get canned food twice a day and unlimited dry food available....amazingly we still don't have a mouse problem), and heads out to attend to his chores. The first order of business is to supervise the horses' breakfast. He walks along the top fence rail and makes sure each of the boys finishes his tub of grain.Once breakfast is finished, he leads the Littles out into the pasture for grazing time. Hold on there, Red, we need to get your halter off!After the barn work is complete, he heads out to attend to the rest of the farm. This morning's first order of business was to check the grape arbor. Grape harvest is right around the corner, so checking for ripeness is a daily task.... Let me see....yes, the grapes are looking good...but not quite ripe.Ok, down from here....and let's go check the chickens.What's this? Another chicken has taken to perching on the fence!
Looks like "Bad Hair Phyllis" is dreaming of flight, too.Unfortunately, this morning, we had a bit of a chicken crisis....and I did not have enough free hands to get a picture! One of the fancy gals apparently flew up inside the coop and got herself all tangled in the sticky fly tape that hangs from the ceiling. When I opened the door to the hen house, I was greeted by one frantic chicken. She came right to me and allowed me to pick her up. I actually think she came to me for help. After a few minutes of carefully peeling and cutting the sticky tape out of her wing and tail feathers, she was once again free (sticky, but free) and extremely grateful.

One thing is certain.....there is never a dull moment around here!


  1. so glad you have some help..I just LOVE TOM TOM

  2. What a good kitty you have there! :D

    I've gotten my hair caught in that fly tape stuff, not fun!

  3. We can't have fly tape at our farm. Alex is the one who always backs up into it. LOL

  4. Tom Tom is sure something! The king of the farm it looks like! It is so amazing how animals are with each other and as the sweet little chicken was when she needed you! Great stories Bev of farm life! Please tell more!

    So happy you are settled in and loving your new home!



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