Saturday, August 22, 2009


.....the bane of raising goats! If you have goats, then you know that goats and parasites go hand in hand. This summer, Doctor Becky has tried everything in her power to rid our goats of worms. We have rotated their pastures, we have tried several types of worming meds and used a treatment in their water. In one last ditch effort, we just finished up a course of medication and moved the Nigerian goats to a new goat pen this week....and wormed them. Worming goats is no easy least not the Nigerian youngsters. Stella, in particular is the most difficult. It takes two of us to catch them, hold them and squirt the paste into their throat.....all the while trying to avoid thrashing horns. I think we deserve battle pay (oh, yea, we don't get paid around here!!) Sometimes catching them is a bit comical.....

Finally, the task done....and we move to a new pen....

I thought you might get a chuckle at this picture of Jill sticking out her tongue for a Ritz cracker...favorite treat of all our goats.


  1. Oh how hilarious..I am sure at the may not have seened all that funny!! Sure hope this time you win the battle. It is frustrating at times having animals.
    Good luck..thanks for my morning chuckle..Judi

  2. We have been using a mix of Garlic Barrier and Apple Cider Vinegar for de worming. After this next de worming I will take a stool sample in to check for worms. I hope that this works well. After last month their coats took on a nice sheen and they seem healthy and happy. Good luck with your goaties.

  3. Oh gosh, do I remember! Just about everything we used was "off label"..I know Dr. Becky knows this well since there's just not the money put into research for goats as there is in cattle and horses although I do have to admit they have come a long way from 20 years ago when I first started with goats.

    I'll have to go look up what I was a liquid cattle wormer that we wasn't a large dose but you know how they fight having anything put in their mouth when YOU want to do it. It worked like a charm...

    So which worm is plaguing them??


  4. Hey Bev, I went to the Jeffers website and found's Cydectin pour on for cattle BUT you drench them with it instead of pouring on the back....

    You don't ever want to do a pour on with goats..their nerves are close to the surface and it will cause major problems.

    I used 1ml per 50# of body knocked out the problem very fast...and there was no adverse side effects...the stuff is purple and smells aweful but it does work. :0)


  5. Quite a wrestling match there. It has me laughing but I'm sure you weren't. Time to sign up for that battle pay. LOL



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