Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Looking For Love

Bee Haven Acres "Star": Single, Black female looking for single male of same ethnic background (Nigerian), color unimportant. If you are looking for an athletic gal with curves in all the right places...I am your ideal! I am a feminine gal with the bluest eyes, no beard and no horns. I am fun loving and enjoy frolicking out of doors. I am most content "hanging out" with friends, although I do enjoy eating out. My hobbies include climbing and fencing.If you like quiet moonlit evenings, sharing a bit of grass and are searching for a long term relationship with your soulmate (or even just one date!), please leave me a message.


  1. This is hilarious! I'm suddenly wishing I was a goat. Or my goat Sugar was still around. He was very masculine even with such a sweet name.

  2. Oh, Star, you look wonderful! He is going to love that curve of waist but watch that eating alone! You never let any hair grow on YOUR chin, never a bitchy day and you don't have to climb the fence, he'll come to the rescue. He'll find a green pasture for just the two of you, as the sun sets in the trees and you will live happily at Bee Haven Acres for the rest of your lives. :D

  3. Your posts always put a smile on my face. Beautiful eyes I am sure she will find love asap. LOL

  4. This had me cracking up! Oh my! This is sure to get you a date, Star!

  5. so forlorn..I hope he finds his love

  6. How do you feel about "Blind Dates"? LOLOLOL!
    Bev, good thing I don't live next door or you would find a couple of your goatees & chickees have gone AWOL! (to my place)
    Meri's almost ready to welcome her new "kids" & sheep...yippee! I am a soon to be Grammie to a sheep & 3 goats, yep you heard right 3 goats...got another rescue..lol!hummm, are they like rabbits(mutiply) hahaha!

  7. The Nigerians are so cute! I just know she will find her soulmate...well, for this season, anyway..LOL

    Hey, I wanted to let you know I've researched at the Blogger forum and found a few suggestions on my bloggers that can't leave me comments. I've made a few changes to my settings and so far it's working for others that have had the problem. Give it a try again. :0)

    Hugs, Steph

  8. This is so funny,you missed your calling...you should be a writer!


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