Monday, August 31, 2009


Ok, here it is.....I either need a psychiatrist or I need new glasses! And when I tell you today's tale, you will understand what I mean.

Today's list of chores included weed whacking around the bee hives (a task I have been avoiding). However, fearing that the bees would not be able to find their front doors, I suited up in a bee veil and gloves. Now, mind you, I did not wear my usual super bee suit (you know, the one that is impervious to all bees....the one I brag about never having gotten stung in....yep, that one). No, I wore a flimsy little hat with a veil and mesh short sleeved shirt attached. I also donned my full length bee gloves and wore tall muck boots over my jeans. So, off I set to trim the weeds. As I drove past the barn I noticed the Littles grazing in the pasture on the opposite side of the fence from the Bigs (who are still on just short visits to the pasture....happily, though, they are starting to lose the weight). Content that all was well with the horses, I drove the gator down through the orchard and into the bee yard. Weed whacking went pretty much without incident.

Upon finishing that job, I drove the gator back past the barn. This time, though it seemed that something was terribly amiss. I spied a white and grey form lying in the dry lot behind the Bigs...just on this side of the pasture fence. "OH NOOOOO!!!!" I cried and jumped up from the gator. I ran to the fence all the while crying " Oh NOOOOOO, Oh My God....No, Please, NOOOOOOOOO!" At this point tears were streaming down my face as I looked with horror at what I thought was my little Ollie....lying trampled in the dry lot. I clung to the top fence board and wailed. Then I looked beyond the fence and into the pasture....where Ollie and Red were still very happily munching away on grass.

"What the heck?" I cried, opened the fence gate and ran into the dry lot.....only to find that the crumpled form that I thought was my precious Ollie....was merely the plastic downspout extender that I had installed weeks ago....only it had been moved and trampled on by the Bigs. Needless to say, tears turned to hysterical laughter at my own idiocy and ensuing theatrics.

That's it.....I've cracked! Either that, or I truly need new glasses!!

Oh and after that incident, I returned to the bees to check the hives. One of my hives became extremely angry and aggressive. Smoking them seemed to make no difference. After running around the pasture trying to lose the angry mob, I hopped in the gator to try to out-drive them. Unfortunately, the silly bee veil that I was wearing impeded my vision.....I hit an apple tree limb and broke the windshield....and ended up getting stung in the abdomen (a bee flew up my shirt).

Golly, I hope tomorrow is a better day!!


  1. Oh my goodness,Bev!!!!
    I feel so much better about crying over my nasty bug incident now!!!!:)
    These things really are upsetting- and when you are home alone the tragedy seems even worse.
    Doesn't it make you feel silly, once the day is over and you look back at it all???
    Tomorrow will be a better day! :)

  2. Sounds like a bad day! I can see myself mistaking that downspout for a mini horse from a distance too. Hope tomorrow is better.

  3. Oh you poor dear. We all have those days...well not where we mistake a drain spout for a little horse or run into apple branches and break windows and get stung, but still...we all sympathize.


  4. Oh, you poor dear! It is sorta' like the three stooges (SP), running everywhere from one emotion to Sorry, it is funny though, tomorrow will be calm compared to that. :D

  5. WOW, what a day. Hope tomorrow is better...

  6. Oh Bev, bless your heart! What a day you have had! Now go take a nice bubble bath and relax! Glad all is well!


  7. Oh my!!! Well, gladly we can say that August is over!!! On to a NEW month, girlie. LOL There is nothing worse than seeing something that ISN'T!!! Poor baby..I know how hysterical you must have all ends well except for that abdomen and the windshield and let's see what else was destroyed..LOL

    Humor, Humor!!! Got to keep smiling!

    Love ya, Steph

  8. Perhaps a relaxing vacation to the beach is what you need for a few days!

  9. Oh really have lost it..It finally got to you...your eyes can certainly deceive you..glad that's all it was

  10. It can't get much worst!!! Oh what a day you had,tomorrow will be better. I was feeling sick too thinking Ollie was down,oh how we love our pets.

  11. LOL Poor you what a day hope you ended it with a glass of wine.

  12. Im glad it was the downspout and not Ollie. You need a large sweet iced tea with lemon and a place to put your feet up.

  13. thank goodness there is tomorrow. but good gracious..sounds like a bit of an emotional day.


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