Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fun Stuff

What does a little horse do on a cloudy, cool day? Well, if your name is Oliver Twist, you hang out in the pasture next to the big horses and graze on yummy grass....and patiently wait for tomorrow. "What happens tomorrow?" you ask. Tomorrow is a special day for Oliver. After tomorrow afternoon, Oliver will have a buddy to graze with. Oliver's half brother is also coming to live at Bee Haven Acres. He is a blue-eyed,red and white "paint" mini that was just weaned and will make a perfect companion for Oliver Twist. Now, to think of another name........
Please visit us tomorrow....we will have pictures of our new buddy to share with you!

1 comment:

Lisa T. said...

I vote for Pip or Dickens.

Actually, they are so sweet~I would like to call them my own...



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