Monday, August 31, 2009

Front Door Visitor

Look who came to my front door today. I have never seen a caterpillar like him before. And I wonder what he will grow up to look like. I am constantly amazed by new and different insects around the farm. I think I will visit with this fellow on the porch...not in the house!


  1. Looks like it could possibly be an Anerican Dagger Moth/ Acronicta Americana. I looked it up on the internet. When we moved to the farm I went wild looking up all the different kinds of insects and spiders. Especially the spiders. The ladys are back again this year in the barn and are huge.

  2. Well ya better be careful!! If he's like the monster bugs here on Providence(our place) then he';; eat everything....AND FAST!!!!
    Beware!!!! :)

  3. Well it's Monday, maybe it was looking for a blow dryer and brush, as it appears he/she is having a bad hair day!!

  4. This looks like the one that destroyed my young cottonwood trees last summer

  5. How funny... we had one like that today on my Daughter's shirt. We had never seen one like that before. Funny we both have them. We live in Wisconsin...
    Thanks for sharing. It made me laugh..


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