Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Food For Thought

Some days I get a bit overwhelmed with the amount of work that it takes to keep a farm going. I am having to change the way I view these tasks to keep my sunny outlook. In the past, I would work until the work was done, and then I would play. If I took this same approach with the farm, I would never play. The list never gets completed....for as soon as a portion of the tasks are done, more tasks are added. I must admit, that most of the work around the farm is fun...that is if the weather is cooperative. So, in order to keep from getting gobbled up by the work monster, I am going to make a "short" list for each day....knowing that the long list is a fact of life and will never go away. Let's call it job security....or opportunity, if you will!
This plaque hangs inside our back entrance. I look at it each day as I head out (multiple times) to do my overalls!


  1. Boy can I relate to this post.I totally enjoy my chores..but unfortunately I have to many (hobby) What I have learned over the years is that there are some jobs that CAN wait so you can do other things. Perfect is not always necessary is just us that notice in the long
    Winter takes on an entirely different attitude regarding chores Gotta love those winter overalls.
    Enjoy the day..Judi B.

  2. I really needed to see this, lately all I have thought about is getting the wedding preparations done. And, yes, I did indeed know that I was missing something. I knew I should be enjoying this time as I will never have one like it again. It is only three days away so I WILL make the most of what I have left. Thanks for the reminder!
    This post reminds me of another lesson, there was a man in overalls who use to come into Penney's where I worked and handed out candy to everyone. He was the sweetest man (:D). Some were hesitant and someone made a comment that most often those in overalls are the richest people around. I know she was refering to money but I believe they are often the richest in many more things! Overalls symbolize for me, hard work, dedication, love, a trueness, loyalty, sincerity, honesty, well, you know what I mean....have fun out of your overalls (hopefully, with hubby, :D)!

  3. Bev, Good for you. :0) I reached that same point years ago when I had the dairy goat herd.

    I decided that a choice had to be made:
    "I could run my life OR Life could run me!"

    And being a smart lady I choice to run my life as it should be so that I wouldn't wake up one day and wonder what all of this was for! :0)

    Thus the *daily lists* were started so that I QUIT feeling like I was being bad by not doing ALL of the you's a continuous cycle on the farm.

    Oh, so far everyone that couldn't comment on my blog can now do so!! Please come try to me if it still isn't working for you.

    Have a wonderful day,

  4. Is it this stage of life? Is it because we have so many choices now?
    I ponder this question daily!!!
    My hubby says, relax and enjoy life- and I am ttrying but the list in my mind is ever present!!!!
    Such a funny time of life!!!!

  5. Love that sign! Wrote the words in my notebook of random quotes and things I like. :)

  6. I love that plaque.

    The list here seems to get longer and longer each day.



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