Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Construction Continues

We are almost totally settled into the interior of our our log home. However, the exterior work continues with the building of decks and screen porch. I thought I would share a few more construction pictures with you.... Here are the decks and porch that are being finished off the first floor. There is still much work to be done below these decks with the addition of decking around the pool. You might remember that the pool and retaining walls off the back of the basement are the only parts of the original house to remain. This area will be refurbished to match the upper decks.
The screen porch will be finished with log siding around the base and screening above that. A green shingle roof to match the rest of the house will finish the top.


karen said...

Just beautiful, I can just see you sipping a cup of java out on the deck! It will be especially nice in the evening away from the misqutoes (sp).

Ruth said...

Bev~It is so gorgeous. I love the decks. A lot of work.


Katmom said...

oh that is too funny!!! you got outsmarted by a couple of goats!?!
So wonderful that O.T. has a playmate & BFF...
Your new deck...is soooo Awesome! Perfect for morning tea & scone and an evening glass of wine....

Sheryl-lyn said...

I love the deck!! Can't wait to have tea with you there!! It is all just so lovely.


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