Saturday, July 25, 2009

Something New

At my age, seeing something I have never seen before is a rare event. But, this fellow parked himself on our loghome the other evening. The colors in this picture are true...he was pink and yellow. Don't you just love the fuzzy hairdo on his head....kind of reminds me of my Polish crested chickens! Maybe he is a Polish crested moth. Have you seen one like him before? Do you know what type of moth he is? And, wouldn't you like to see what type of caterpillar he was? I will do a little research and see if I cannot answer those questions for you.

Addendum: He is a Rosy Maple Moth (dryocampa rubicunda).


  1. That moth is beautiful. What great color combination.

  2. Bev, I LOVE this moth! He even has PINK legs! Never, ever seen anything like him before! Oh how I wish they were at my house! LOL! At first look, I thought it was a stuffed toy! Bet you are loving your home! I am so happy for you!


  3. I've never seen one. Thank you for sharing. And, I've been loving the progress on your home. It's lovely - I bet you hate to leave it. :-)

  4. I have them here! But can never capture a picture to show the color like you have...maybe mine are more yellow but they all have the fuzzy heads...very pretty, indeed. I've got a link on my blog to research wildlife.


  5. there are some beautiful moths out there. I love them!

  6. Wow, he is incredible, I think he has a pom pom on his head, wonderful colors, and I never thought nature would have a moth that color. Way cool!


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