Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Farm Time"

We live in a world that is divided into time zones. We know when we travel that we will have to adjust to those changes in time zones. What I have come to learn, living on the farm, is that there is yet another time zone....it is "farm time". It seems that no matter what your plans might be, it is wise to make your schedule a "loose" one....because something invariably throws a monkey wrench into that

Animals do not live by the clock. They live by their bodily impulses. Meshing a human schedule with animals' needs can be a bit challenging at times.

Today, for instance, I was ready to go into town for a trip to the grocery and hardware store. I stopped by the barn to throw the horses a flake of hay and decided to let Oliver Twist out for a few moments of grazing. He spent a few minutes munching on grass growing around our outdoor horse shower. Then the most peculiar thing happened. He nosed around the stones on the rubber mats, and lay down as if he were going to roll a bit. He stretched out his legs and fell fast asleep....so deeply so, that I could not arouse him. I was ready to head to town, but he was in the midst of a nap....a nap that lasted for 15 minutes....right there in the middle of that warm rubber mat. I suppose the warmth lulled him right to sleep. So I sat there beside him and stroked his soft baby fur....my trip to town could wait. This sweet time was for savoring.

As for "farm time", well, I had planned to share another room with you....but time got away from me and before I knew it, the light was wrong. Picture time will wait until the morning light...that is if "farm time" doesn't wreak its usual havoc. Tomorrow is another day.............


  1. Oh, I would have curled up right beside him and napped too!

    So sweet.


  2. Just perfect, I love it, yes, there is 'farm' time or even just 'home' time, as you never know where it is going to take you.
    Love the new bedroom, it is so neat that you hand me downs from your family and they are real treasures!
    I feel like a nap after reading about Ollie! I just mowed the lawn and had my swim so I think that is an excellant idea. ZZzzzzz

  3. Such a cute picture of the nap. And speaking of which, the bedroom is beautiful. Just got home from work and can imagine stretching out on that bed - except it's much too pretty to disturb. You did a great job!

  4. O.T. is soooo sweet! wish I could nap like that!


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