Thursday, July 30, 2009


Weather has not been optimal this summer for many of my vegetable garden plants. We have tomatoes on the vine, but they are very slow to ripen and do not have the best juicy texture. Vine plants such as squashes and cucumbers have yielded no fruit....too much rain in early summer were their demise. Our blueberries were yummy....but not as plentiful as last year. What has done extremely well, though, are our blackberries. The plants are just loaded with fruit in various stages of ripening.
Today I picked some ripe ones....delicious....sweet and juicy and enormous!
In past years, Japanese beetles have eaten the leaves of the plants causing poor yields...but this summer's weather conditions have been a deterrent for the Japanese beetles...allowing the blackberries to flourish.


  1. They are HUGE! and look really yummy!


  2. Oh those look delicious! I grew up picking and eating until I had stained my face, hands, and clothes. I complained about it then but oh how I miss it now!

  3. Well, our state of Washington is well know for blackberries...we try to keep them at a distance before they eat our homes..LOL. but this year they are far behind in getting to the picking stage!

  4. Yummy! My fav for jam, with the seeds!


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