Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Construction Update

Things are shaping up quickly. With inside completion scheduled for July, our crew is working hard completing the flooring and trim work.
Today, the hardwood flooring will be finished. It is natural, rustic walnut with a great mix of heartwood and sapwood for a variegated coloration. We had a medallion made like the sign that I painted for the front of the property. I had sent a picture of the sign to a company and they copied it, making each different part inlaid with a different wood. Each color of the sign is a type of wood that is that actual color...no stains were used!
The railings for the basement stairs were finished yesterday. Beneath the stairs will be built in cabinets and drawers for games and videos.The tile crew worked today and finished the bathroom shower and floor and also the laundry room floor...


  1. lookin good!!!!

  2. Coming along nice. Can't wait to see it all done. I am sure you can't either.

  3. How cool is the sign!! Everything is looking so nice.


  4. just amazing - it's been such fun to watch from so many miles away :)

    you must be dying to be IN though ;)

    soon, soon ...


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