Friday, May 1, 2009

Rainy Day Projects

Warm weather arrived suddenly this week. Several days of warm, dry, sunny days made watering necessary. By the end of the week, our four rain barrels were completely empty. Finally, today it is raining....a good steady soft rain. The kind of rain that doesn't run off and cause flooding, but rather soaks into the ground. Thankfully, most of the garden weeding is finished. The chore list for this rainy day includes building more beehives and frames. I took a quick break to make myself a garden friend, however (thanks, Autumn, for the idea). Meet Minerva Mae Honeycutt. After the rain stops, she will be moved into her summer home...the vegetable garden. I only hope she is useful in the weeding department!
I am happy to say that after today's rain, my empty rain barrels are refilling.


  1. Minerva!!! So nice to meet you!
    At least you'll have someone to visit with in the garden!!!!! HA!
    She's adorable!!!!

    Strangers must think I stand around in the garden all day- and in the same spot!!! WAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!
    Both of my son in laws STILL think it's me until they get out!!!

  2. I love her! Complete with her apron and all she looks ready to get to work.

  3. she's going to get lonely out there all by herself..she needs a buddy....maybe an animal or two...nothing like another project


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