Friday, May 22, 2009

More Signs

I have been busily trying to finish up hand painting our farm signs, so they are ready to hang when construction is finished. The final sign is this one that will hang at the roadside beside our long driveway. It is two sided and has the same design on both sides. The final coat of urethane has been applied making it weather-proof.

You might notice another sign like this on the right-hand side of this blog....that is an identical sign that I painted many months ago. That grey sign will hang by the driveway to the barn. The barn is grey, so it matches well. However, since our farmhouse is a log home, I left the above sign wood-grained with green trim, just like the house.

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  1. Hi Bev! Oh my busy bee Bev! So many wonderful things going on and how blessed you have been! Love the signs you made, especially the Bee Haven Acres! Beautiful work. Your baby chicks are adorable and don't know how lucky they are to have come to live on YOUR farm! LOL! Your home is looking awesome. You have not left out one detail!



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