Wednesday, May 6, 2009


He is in need of a bath and some general grooming....but with the weather as it has been for the last several days (rainy), it will have to wait. Still....he is quite lovely, don't you think? Though a bit on the chubby side, (he really loves to graze) this horse is so peaceful and quiet. He is a joy to have on the farm.

On this particular day, he was in no hurry to come back to the barn for his breakfast. Overcast days are great for getting a little extra sleep. The horses spend their nights in the pasture now that it is warmer. That way they are not pestered by flies. During the heat of the day, they stay in the shade by the barn where there are fans to both help keep the flies away and help to keep the horses cool.


  1. That is one happy horse. He is beautiful.

  2. Oh, he is gorgeous and no doubt about it :)

    Kim x


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