Friday, May 22, 2009

Construction Update

Work continues on the log home. The drywall walls are painted, the tongue and groove walls are finished. The painter is applying the final top coat to the exterior. The builders are working on the trim.

Next week, the walnut floors will be laid and subsequently finished.
We have learned that we may be able to move in as early as late June. I suspect it will be sometime in July, however.
Cabinetry should be installed the first week of June...and then appliances and a couple of rooms of carpet. A bit of electrical and plumbing work to finish up....and....voila, we have a house!!
This picture is a corner of our bedroom...the wall is sage green...but shows up here looking like robin's egg blue.

Piles of rustic walnut flooring in several widths....ready to be laid and varnished.

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  1. Hey Bev,
    It's looking good..can't wait to see that walnut flooring. Yes, the wall looks like robin's egg blue...I had to laugh because I'm thinking I'll paint my studio the same color as my blog background which is kind of a robin's egg blue..I've got a cathedral wood ceiling and beams so I thought the blue would compliment the wood tones.

    Here's to hoping for July...I guess after you return from your little trip.

    Have a great week, Steph


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