Thursday, April 2, 2009


Our little guest cottage is getting a facelift. when it is finished, it will look just like the farmhouse....log with green trim. New soffit and fascia, and a new deck are planned also. The base of it will be stone, also...just like the house.
Water Woes: Yesterday the well driller returned and hooke a pump to our new well (the one that he drilled way down the driveway in an attempt to hit water with no sulfur). I waited patiently for the water to flow, hunched over with my nose close and smelled........sure enough, rotten egg smell! Drats!! We had so hoped to find fresh, odorless water. The well driller told me not to fret, though, there apparently is some sort of system on the market that will remove the sulfur. Oh well, more to research......


  1. Lookin good! Yuck dont you just get sick at the smell of sulfur water. Glad to hear you can get something to get the sulfur out. I am having a giveaway and hope to have it posted this afternoon so come by and get in on some fun when you get the chance. Have a great day! Blessings,Karen

  2. The guest house will look adorable.
    Boy, the sky is really blue in your photo.

  3. This looks too cute! And mineral/sulphur water, while stinky, makes your skin sooo soft!

  4. I get first dibs!!!!

  5. Hello Bev,

    Yes, there is a filtering system to remove the sulfur *just remember to change the filter frequently *a friend had one of the systems and it all depends on the level of sulphur as to how often to change the filter.*'s quite common in Tennessee to hit sulfur. Before we bought our cabin we had the home inspection..the first thing I wanted to do was run the water to see how it smelled and tasted. You get that sulfur smell in your house and it's hard to get rid of it. :0/ Luckily, we have good water. YAY!

    Your guest house will be so cute!



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