Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Housecleaning

It was a long, cold winter. This is obvious by the amount of hay that has accumulated in the goat pens. Now that warmer weather is ahead, cleaning out the winter's leftover hay will give the grass a chance to grow. Each of the goat houses is lined with layers of manure and hay that will be removed and taken to a hay pile, where it will age, dry out, and eventually be used to line pathways in the vegetable garden (nothing goes to waste around here!)Here is the hired help....taking another break! Or maybe they just assume that they are the supervisors.
Jack, loading the gator.....I think we took about 10 heaping loads of hay out of this yard....who needs a gym when you have good "clean" farmwork to keep you in shape?


  1. You guys really DON'T let anything go to waste, huh? Glad it's getting warmer for you.

  2. Your overalls are great, and I really mean that. I'd love some the same. I love the way the goats are supervising. They are soooo funny :)

    Kim x


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