Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rainwater Collection

Last year we set up a system to collect the rainwater from the barn roof. As water flows into the gutters and downspouts, we collect it in a system of tanks for future watering use. We used 4 fifty gallon plastic drums from a local bakery (free) and connected them with hose. They receive water through a valve on the downspout that shuts off the water supply when the tanks are full...allowing the water to then travel the rest of the way down the downspout. We float organic mosquito rings in each tank to prevent mosquitos from using this as a breeding ground.

This system has worked out perfectly for us. In the past two weeks we have planted many trees, so watering is an everyday chore. This particular day we started planting sweet gum trees along the new driveway to the barn. This driveway was created from the shale that was removed during the excavation for our log home. It will facilitate hay delivery and horse trailers quite conveniently. Planting trees alongside will make it picturesque.

Of course, TomTom has to be a part of the activity.

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  1. I agree with TomTom,,,it's always fun to check out or shuld I say play with the new stuff on the farm.
    Last year I spent over 2hours a day watering all my plants, trees, bushes....who needs a Gym when ya have a farmette! lol!


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