Saturday, April 18, 2009

New and Improved

Here is Liz (Tin Lizzy) with her fresh coat of paint....look down a few posts back and you will see her "before" picture. Isn't she lovely?Today is moving day for the bees. I have been painting hive boxes and will inspect each hive this afternoon...moving their frames into new boxes. Then when the sun goes down and all bees are back in their homes, we will move the hives into their new, secure, bear-proof hive yard. I found the cutest tin bee to decorate their yard....just in case they forget where they live.


  1. Bev, that's so nice but you better add a hot wire to it to keep them from climbing it.

    Hugs, Steph

  2. I love that bee! Had to look at the picture a couple of times to get my barings!!! LOL


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