Sunday, April 5, 2009

Muscovy Mystery

For the last several days, our two male Muscovy ducks (Daffy and Dorky) have been wandering further and further away from the pond in search of their mutual love interest. We were afraid that perhaps our lovely "Emily" had had enough courting and flown away....or worse yet, had fallen prey to a hawk or raccoon.
A couple of mornings ago, Jack finally spotted Emily across the road from the pond. Apparently, she has been up the hill in the woods sitting on a nest for the past couple of weeks. Jack put some duck feed near her and she quickly gobbled it down....trying to avoid the continuing advances of Daffy and Dorkey. Jack came to her rescue and chased the fellows away so that she could peacefully finish her breakfast.

Hopefully she will reappear at some point followed by a troup of ducklings!

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