Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hen Hugs

Chickens are not commonly a creature that I consider affectionate. However in the case of our Helen (our almost blind white chicken with cataracts) that is not so. Each day when entering Helen's yard, she greets us at the door making soft hen sounds. She stands at our feet until we pick her up. After a few words and a few strokes she is happy to be placed back on the ground. It is a funny ritual...and it happens every day.Incidentally, I guess because she is almost blind, she does not lay her eggs in a nesting box like the rest of our chickens. Helen prefers the perpetual Easter egg hunt....and lays her eggs out in the middle of her yard.


Autumn said...

My little feather-footed bantam hen,Madeline, gets a hug every morning too!!!
She is a perpetual "setter"- she's been setting for weeks now!!!!
I marked a couple of eggs and let her have them, hoping she would hatch them and move on- they are duue to hatch in about 10-12 days.

ANy ideas how to get her to stop???

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Oh Helen! The hen after my heart..I hope she's keeping that place clean for when I'm put out to pasture..hahaha What a sweet hen hug..I know she feels so loved..thank you for loving her and not seeing her as a "cull" as so many do.

Hugs, Steph

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Bev! Ahhh looks like the two of you had some nice hugging! She sure looks like a sweetheart! Great things are happening at the farm! Soooooo happy for you!



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